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Resources Prospecting Engineering


Mineral Processing



Master Degree


Mineral Resource Prospecting and Exploration

Mineral Petrology

Metallogenetic Regularity and Prediction

Regional Geological Survey and Resources Prospecting

Geological Engineering

geological hazard control

Advanced technology of Prospecting and testing

Application of 3S

Ecological evaluation of Resource and Environment


Gold from refractory and low-grade ore


Copper biological metallurgy

Sulphide Ore Flotation and Flotation Agent Development

Recycling of Tailings

Slope Engineering

Roadway and Underground Engineering

Mineral Processing

Theory and Technique of Mineral Processing

Biological Metallurgy

Disposal and Recycling of Industrial waste

Further processing of Mineral


Mining Technology

Support Engineering

Tunneling and Slope Engineering

Blasting Engineering

Filling Engineering

Economic system of Mining Industry


International education

Student articulation program with the Curtin University of Technology

The College has made agreement with the Curtin University of Technology on the Articulation Student Project, which allows students in the College of Zijin Mining to enrol in Curtin Degree program.


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