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College of Zijin Mining was co-founded in 2007 by Fuzhou University and Zijin Mining Group. The college is an innovative college with focus on the training of high-level professionals for mining industry. The college council consists of representatives from the university and the company, with Chen Jinghe, Chairman of Zijin Mining Group being president and Huang Zhigang, Deputy-vice-chancellor of Fuzhou University being deputy president.

The college has 42 staff, of which 29 are full-time teachers including 5 with senior professional title and 12 with vice senior professional title. 92% of the full-time teachers has Doctor Degree. The college also 54 part-time teachers, comprising 1 fellow of China Academy of Engineering as honorary professor, 1 Minjiang Scholar Distinguished Professor and 52 Engineering teachers.

The college has 3 undergraduate majors, namely Resource Exploration Engineering, Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing Engineering. All of them are listted in the first batch of pilot project of Excellent Engineer Training Program of the Ministry of Education. The Mining Engineering major carries the National Engineering Education Professional Certification. The college was granted 2 primary disciplines’ master degree conferral right in the Geological Resources and Geological Engineering and the Mining Engineering, and 1 Engineering Master degree conferral right in Geology Engineering. Presently, the college has 659 full-time students, including 626 undergraduates and 33 graduate students, as well as 20 internship bases. Since the founding of college, the employment rate of graduates is always above 95%.

The College has two campuses, the main Qishan Campus in Fuzhou and the Shanghang Teaching and Training Base (STB) in Shanghang. The investment for Zijin Building in Qishan Campus is 20+ millions Yuan, of which Zijin Mining Group contributes 10 million Yuan. The Zijin Building, with construction area of 8000 m2, has 22 labs including Fujian Province Ore Resources Central Lab and 1 Earth Science Sample Presentation Hall (Minerals Museum of College of Zijin Mining, Fuzhou University). STB has been granted as National Engineering Practice Centre and has 6 labs, with a construction area of 1366 m2, experimental facilities valued 5.37 million Yuan and 5739 ore samples in 49 sets. Zijin Mining Group placed its State Key Lab of Low Grade Refractory Gold Ore Comprehensive Utilizition in STB, which also provide key platform for the teaching and research of college teachers and students. The comprehensive experimental teaching platform of the College was granted as Fujian Province Geology and Mining Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centre.

STB was developed with investment of 150 million Yuan from Zijin Mining Group and was launched in 2010. STB has a land area of 51831 m2 and a construction area of 38373 m2. Teaching and administration buildings, research facilities, museum, library, student apartment, dining hall, sport facilities are available in STB. The capacity of STB is 1000 students. It is the only industry-university co-built training base for high-level mining professionals in China.

To offer professional graduates with an international focus, the College of Zijin Mining is taking great efforts to develop the international cooperation and exchange. Many effective program among Fuzhou University and Curtin University, Queensland, Newcastle University have been put forward to beneficial cooperation respectively. As the Fuzhou University has become an important window of scientific, academic, educational and cultural exchanges in Fujian Province, the College of Zijin Mining encourages students, industry and staff from all over the world to come and visit.


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