Welcome to the college of Zijin Mining

Founded in 2007 by the Fuzhou University and the Zijin Mining Group cooperatively, the college of Zijin Mining focuses on higher education of geology and mining.

Shanghang Teaching Base

Locates next to the headerquaters of Zijin Mining Group, the Shanghang Teaching and Training Base covers 51831 square meters and began to function in 2010......

Oversea Education

Contact the School of Overseas Education, Fuzhou University:
E-mail: faomail@fzu.edu.cn
TEL: +86 (0)591 22865231
+86 (0)591 22865232
FAX: +86 (0)591 22865230
ADD: Alumni House, Qi Shan Campus of Fuzhou University, 2 Xue Yuan Road, University Town, Fuzhou, Fujian 350108 P. R. CHINA +More

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